Samsung Booth TV Tour: CES 2014

Samsung has lots to show off here at CES, as per tradition. We took a tour of the booth and have highlighted a few of the key new TV products and concepts.

Curved TVs:

Curved TVs are the big trend here at CES. It’s nice to see that Samsung already has a bunch on the market.



The Timeless Design:

Last year Samsung wowed us with their 85″ Timeless Design 4K UHD TV, then they slapped a $40k pricetag on it. This year they’ve taken it to the next level with the 110″ Timeless.



Bendable UHD TV:

Is curved LED really that much better? Wouldn’t you much rather have the option of curved or flat? Well, Samsung decided to give you the option with the Bendable UHD TV — just click a button and the TV morphs from curved to flat. Unfortunately, it’s only conceptual for now. The model that Samsung is demoing an 85″ and smaller models.



3D Dual View:

3D Dual View is a really neat concept — you and your partner can each watch a different show on the same TV, and in 3D! Using Samsung’s 3D glasses, with built in headphones, each viewer can watch their own show in 2D or 3D. Again, it’s just conceptual. Samsung was demoing an LED model and a curved UHD OLED TV.



8K 98″ TV:

There’s not a whole lot to say here, big screen, more pixels, and probably a price tag that’s equal to the number of pixels when and if it is released.



Glassless TV:

If 3D takes off, it will be with Glassless TV. The Samsung Glassless TV did not require glasses and yet it still portrayed 3D content beautifully. It was a see it to believe it experience. This is just conceptual.



Panoramic Curved UHD 105″ TV:



2014 Smart Control:

Samsung’s 2013 Smart TV offers big improvements on voice interaction and motion control, but also multi-tasking. While you’re watching content you’ll be able to do a number of other things like check all of your social feeds or access your Smart TV apps. Samsung also released a new and improved remote control with a touchpad and microphone. There’s now four ways to control your Smart TV, the remote buttons, touchpad, voice controls, and gesture controls.





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