Sleep Number X12 Beds Silently Judge You While You Sleep, But in a Good Way

Sleep Number has been around for years trying to make America sleep better by quantifying what makes a good night’s sleep. They have modernized and applied their know-how to the Sleep Number X12 Smart Bed. Their sleep tracking technology, Sleep IQ, monitors and makes individualized recommendations on how to improve sleep conditions.

The X12 Bed was selected as an Honoree in the 2014 CES Innovations Awards, probably because all the sleep deprived attendees longed for what it offers, anything but a hotel bed. The Sleep IQ technology is what they call a non-intrusive monitoring system, and thank goodness for that. Can you imagine and INtrusive monitoring system? The technology has the root of its invention planted in medical grade technology where due to the DualAir tech and Sleep IQ system, it can accurately register a presence in the bed (yep, that sounds creepy), average breathing rate, movement, average heart rate, and then feed it into an algorithm that assesses quality of sleep. This all culminates in the magical Sleep IQ score, for each partner, each night. But, good luck if your dog sleeps in the bed.

With all this information at your disposal, you can then start to narrow down what may be posing a problem to truly restful sleep. Since the bed has Dual Air technology, you can adjust your side to the level of comfort and support you need to be properly rested, without disturbing your partner. FlexFit technology allows you to raise or lower your upper body for comfort. It also has a Partner Snore feature that does not involve smothering your spouse with your pillow, but rather lets you gently and quietly raise your partners side about 5 degrees in hopes it will alleviate the snoring, with a voice command option.

There are several massage settings built into the bed. Under the bed lighting will help you not step on your cat. A timer can let you return to your favorite sleeping position on time. Perhaps you like to be a tad propped up while sleeping and then descend into a flatter position throughout the night. It is fully able to be personalized. Look for these beds in pilot markets come February and try not to strangle your dear snoring partner in the meantime. Prices start at just under $8000 at Sleep Number.

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