Sony Presents Life Logging with SmartBand Activity Monitor

Sony’s SmartBand is the latest wearable here at CES 2014. The Sony SmartBand is another activity monitor, but with an awesome twist. The generic looking device compensates with a killer app–the LifeLog. Appropriately named, LifeLog aims to record your entire life — when you were sleeping, walking, talking, running, biking, driving, shooting photos, listening to music, and bookmarking.

The reason the Sony SmartBand can do it all is because it has an integrated experience with a (Sony?) Android phone. Sorry iOS users, LifeLog is not looking like a possibility for you at the moment. Since Sony has complete control over their Android device, they can combine your physical activity with your smartphone activity and give you a minute by minute playback of your day. What were you doing when you were listening to that one song? What time did you get into the car to go to work and what time did you get there? How much did you walk in between those two pictures? How many calories do you burn in a day? In a week? In a month?

SmartBand will vibrate to alert you to any calls or notifications on your phone and you can even use SmartBand to control your music. On the side there’s a button and activity LEDs. The SmartBand, like Fitbit Flex, has a core discreetly tucked away in the band. This internal Core has a micro-USB charger and is a bit smaller than your average eraser. The device is completely waterproof and the SmartBand is available in a number of colors.

We realize the Sony SmartBand is just another device tracker, but we’re really intrigued by the LifeLog app and integrated Android experience. At this point specifications and release information is sparse, but we’re told there will be a Spring 2014 release. More information should be released in the coming weeks.

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