Hands on Video: The Sony Tennis Racket is an Ace

For a long time, an advanced tennis racket was just one made of titanium with one of those little shock absorbers slipped onto the bottom. That changes after this year’s CES, where Sony has revealed their smart tennis racket.

It’s basically a tennis racket – that part, you don’t change much. At the bottom of the handle, however, there’s a lightweight vibration and motion sensor that can be synced to a mobile app. The sensor provides tennis players with a pretty solid array of data, including swing speed, ball speed, spin, impact position, and number of balls hit. Even better, it can analyze your swing, showing you how many backhands, forehands, slices, and volleys you’ve hit.

Sony hasn’t announced when they’ll be selling their new tennis racket, or for how much. The sensor is pretty small, so it shouldn’t add enough weight to throw your swing off. If you’re looking to improve your game, it looks like a good way to understand what you’re actually doing on the court – just, you know, try not to go John McEnroe on it.

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