Sony’s QX Lens-Style Cameras Get Much Needed Update

photo-2-620x414Sony’s QX10 and QX100 cameras were pretty cool ideas – cameras jammed into a small lens form factor that can be used with smartphones – that didn’t quite have the best of executions. Fortunately, Sony isn’t giving up on them or releasing a couple of new models – they’re going back and improving the originals. If you already have one, no worries – you’re getting the updates, too.

The first update is to the PlayMemories Mobile app that connects camera to smartphone. Version 4.0 of the app, which is available for both Android and iOS, now has a native photo browser, which you can switch to and from with shooting mode. Yeah, it’s a bread-and-butter feature, but at least Sony is getting it right. Another nice thing about version 4.0 is that connecting your camera to your smartphone will now be twice as fast.

Next up is an upgrade to the cameras themselves, courtesy of a firmware update. That update will enable 1080p video recording for both the QX10 and QX100. Both cameras will also get an extension on ISO range – the QX10 from max 1600 to max 3200, and the QX100 from max 3200 to max 12800. Finally, you’ll now be able to control shutter speed on the QX100.

The app update is available now, although Android users will need to wait until spring for a second update that will improve connection time. The firmware update will be available sometime in January.

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