What is Sprint Spark, and When is it Coming?

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Have you heard of Sprint Spark™? You will now, and you’ll probably like what you hear. Sprint is looking to blow the hinges off the wireless Internet game with their brand new network that will put even 4G LTE to shame.

When Sprint Spark rolls out – and it will soon – you’ll be looking at 50-60 Mbps peak download speeds on your mobile devices. What does that mean, exactly? Sprint provides some handy comparisons. How long will it take to download a 60-minute television episode? With 4G LTE, 35 minutes. With Sprint Spark, two and a half minutes.


But 50-60 Mbps peak speeds is just where Sprint Spark is starting. In October, Sprint managed to demonstrate more than 1 Gbps over-the-air speed in a lab near Silicon Valley. Theoretically, the technology could get as speedy as 2 Gbps. Sooner or later, we might be talking about entire movies downloaded in seconds.

Don’t want to wait for downloads anymore? Soon, you won’t have to, because you won’t be waiting long for Sprint Spark, either. Over the next three years, Sprint Spark will roll out to 100 cities in the United States, with New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tampa, and Miami first in line. Sprint predicts that 100 million Americans will have Sprint Spark coverage by the end of 2014.

Of course, you’ll need to have a phone good enough to run on this beast of a network – phones that can handle multiple bands of wireless spectrum at once. There are a few out there right now that came out at the tail end of 2013, but you can be sure that 2014 will be awash in brand new phones ready to hop on Sprint’s new express train.

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  1. SWEETNESS, let’s hope it is that fast in the real world & that the signal has excellent penetration into buildings.

  2. Oh please. If Sprint is saying it, it’s a lie. Here on earth Sprint has, on a great day, 10% of the speed over 10% of the coverage area of anyone else. When Sprint has 50gbps the other carriers will have quantum time travel.

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