Disney and Lucasfilm Unveil Chopper – The Cranky Droid


Disney is going all-in with Star Wars, now that they’ve got their hands on it – in addition to rising tides of merchandise, we have the new trilogy that will get started next year. We also have Star Wars Rebels, a new animated series that will be airing on Disney XD starting in the fall. To get everyone ready for the new series, the team is letting everyone in on some of the new characters they can expect to see, including a brand new droid.

That new droid is named Chopper, and if C-3PO had an occasionally contentious relationship with R2-D2, I can’t imagine how he’d do with Chopper. In the intro video, the animation team describes Chopper as cantankerous – less beeping and booping, more growling and grumbling. Submission to authority is not Chopper’s strong suit, even if that is authority is rebelling against the even worse authority of the Empire.

The team made Chopper to look a bit like the old R2-D2 designs that were never used, with mechanical arms coming out of the head. Chopper is also a little less posh than R2-D2 – he’s pretty much just been thrown together using whatever the rebels happened to have laying around. Is resentfulness of his origin fueling the tension in his relationships with people? If only Freud existed in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Rebels, including Chopper, will get its start as a one-hour special on the Disney Channel in the fall, before beginning its regular run on Disney XD.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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