TrewGrip Makes You Look Dumber Than Google Glass

TrewGrip is a (sorta) portable keyboard and air mouse for mobile, tablet, desktops, or smart TVs. This interesting looking handheld device  has a “rear-type” keyboard that uses full sized keys and a full QWERTY layout. Since the QWERTY layout is split and rotated, you’ll have to get used to it, but we’re told after an hour or two of use it will feel natural and after 8-10 hours of use you’ll be typing at 90-100 percent of your regular speed.

TrewGrip is not much smaller than a regular keyboard, but it is laid out ergonomically, and with your device in mind. Your phone or tablet can dock to the center using a suction mount. On the front of the keyboard you’ll have all of the additional keys, and even illuminated letters that indicate which key you type. Near your thumbs there’s tab, enter, space, and back keys. The whole idea behind it is that mobile devices are now so capable in what they could do, but there’s a bottleneck with how fast we can type.

TrewGrip offers rich compatibility with the bluetooth connection. There’s also an included USB dongle for hooking it up to your computer, laptop, or smart TV. TrewGrip can be used as an air mouse, so moving around the TrewGrip will move the mouse if your device supports it.

We can’t say that TrewGrip will be a mobile game-changer, but we can say that having seen it, it will make you look dumber than Google Glass. With that said, if it’s functional, and it adds value to your everyday life, then who cares! The TrewGrip is not yet available. There will be low-volume production for early adopters and strategic partners shortly. By Q4 2014 they will be in full production. The Pricing will be somewhere between $250 and $350.

For more information check out TrewGrip.com

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