Audience “Laughing and Cheering” During Veronica Mars Test Screening

Kristen Bell
Ryan Hansen, Kristen Bell, & Rob Thomas at the Variety Breakthrough of the Year Awards.
Photo Credit: Chip Chick

Veronica Mars fever is just beginning Marshmallows. Kristen Bell, Ryan Hansen, and Rob Thomas walked the red carpet of Variety’s Breakthrough of the Year Awards ceremony on Thursday, January 9th. Honorees Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell were on hand to accept the Breakthrough Award for Film for ‘Veronica Mars,’ from none other than ‘Dick’ himself – Ryan Hansen.

Before they entered the auditorium we got to briefly chat with the three amigos about the excitement of the new film – March 14th is when the movie will hit theaters. And with SOAPnet gone – we wanted to know where fans will be able to get their LoVe fix from now on?

With the demise of SOAPnet, which syndicated Veronica Mars and helped drive the Kickstarter momentum and motivate the fan base again, are there any plans for it to come to any other cable stations?

Rob Thomas: Yes in fact, the deal is already done. Today actually, it is going to be streaming free on Amazon prime and a new cable network has just picked it up, so there will barely be a gap where we are off the air.

I think your YouTube video was the best of them all (directed at Ryan Hansen), the way you danced and then Kristen joined you in the end – it was just so fun.

(All three are laughing)

2014 Variety Breakthrough Of The Year Awards - Show

Ryan Hansen: OHH!!!! Thank you, thank you so much. (Everyone laughing). It was so, so fun.

I can’t wait to see the movie, the final cut must be done already since it is set to hit theaters in March?

Rob Thomas: It is, the picture is locked, we are still doing some sound things, but yeah the picture is locked.

And you’re obviously happy with the final version – are fans going to be happy?

Rob Thomas: I think so, we had a test screening of 400 people and two-thirds of them were Veronica Mars fans, and it was great being in there, I usually hate test screenings, I’m always so nervous, but in this theater, they were laughing and cheering.

So was the audience 50% Piz  – 50% LoVe?

Rob Thomas: (Laughing) Well uh, I can’t really share those numbers (laughing).

(Thomas, Bell and Hansen continue to laugh)

Kristen Bell: Poor Piz!!!

It’s the smoldering, it’s the smoldering!

Rob Thomas: I know, I know, it’s always the bad boy.


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