Wellograph – the Smart Watch that Cares About Your Health

There’s no doubt that smart watches are trending right now. The new Wellograph is jumping on the bandwagon with a focus on health. The Wellograph watch, which is made of sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and aluminum, is constantly monitoring your activity. It has a built-in 9-axis motion sensor, but takes activity monitoring a step further with the inclusion of the tri-LED heart rate sensor.

Rather than stopping to record your activity, Wellograph is constantly monitoring. It will keep you privy to daily and weekly activity with beautiful charts and graphs displayed right on the watch’s face. We love this passive approach of always monitoring exercise, but you can also use Wellograph to record all of your workouts. There’s a lot you can learn about your body from heart rate, and you can use that information to improve your workouts and overall health.

Wellograph has a chunky face half an inch thick with a 1.26 inch low-power LCD display. The display is backlit, but there’s no touchscreen…for better or for worse. Using the low power bluetooth 4.0 spec, Wellograph can connect to your Android or iOS device and the included Wellograph app will do the rest. 2 hours of charge will get you 2 weeks of battery life.

It’s a bit of a stretch to officially label Wellograph a “smart watch”. As far as we can tell, the Wellograph does not echo any of your phone’s alerts or features (boo!). It’s sole purpose is to monitor your health and activity and transfer that data to your phone. Wellograph will not be released until Spring 2014, so there’s still plenty of time for updates. We’re told it will be on sale for $320.

For more information check out Wellograph.com

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