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The Adult Lego Watch Has Arrived: Review

There have been many imitators, but LEGO is finally getting into the watch business for adults. Until now, their LEGO watches have been targeted at kids, but now the adults are getting some LEGO time and these aren’t just one-off pieces. There will be a collection of about 24 watches available, and they tell a mix of digital and analog time.

The LEGO Watch System collection is driven from the most popular LEGO concepts, the Minifigs, the bricks, and even an ode to the hardest of hearts – the LEGO brick heart. The watches are whimsical and completely adorable, and designed in Denmark. We trotted the blue Minifig faces watch out for a bit and it was simply magical. But don’t get us wrong, depending on the style and watch you choose from in this collection, you might give off the impression that you stole your little brother’s or sister’s watch.

Staying true to its LEGO roots, the collection also allows you to build your own look with the interchangeable link, strap and bezel system. The band is plastic and can easily be adjusted by unsnapping the watch bracelet, in between each plastic link. The watch is also water resistant up to 328 feet and LEGO branding is pretty much all over this timepiece. The Minifig watch we received had a fun Minifig face for every hour. There are three hands: hour, minute, and seconds hand. Lastly, there is a tiny hole that displays the date.


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The LEGO Watch System collection is going to be on everyone’s want list if you are an avid watch collector or LEGO collector. And while it may seem like it’s designed for a child, it is very much a grown-up’s watch. It’s just not meant to be taken too seriously – but it is serious fun.

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