AT&T’s Mobile Share Value Plans for Families Just Got Sweeter


It looks like AT&T is making a sustained push to attract new customers – shortly after announcing that adding a new line to one of their Mobile Share Plans would net you a $100 credit, they’re now announcing that that $100 credit is going to go a little farther than it used to.

AT&T is knocking down the cost of adding a new line to their Mobile Share Plans – provided that you’re getting at least 10 GB of data monthly on that plan. You’ll now pay $15 per month, versus $40 if the line is on a contract and $25 if your phone was off-contract. The price change makes AT&T the cheapest option out of the big four when shopping for a shared plan for a family of four, at $160, narrowly besting T-Mobile at $180 and beating Verizon and Sprint by wide margins.

Both the $100 credit deal and the price drop are effective now – it seems like AT&T wants you on board pretty bad.

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