Google and Disney Get Romantic in Blank, a Movie Based on Disney’s Vinylmation Collectibles

If you’re looking for the Valentine’s Day movie for 2014, don’t look to the big screen or Blockbuster (kidding!). Look to Google Play, where Disney and Google have teamed up to create Blank, a short stop-motion movie that will melt your heart this year.

The 38-minute long movie is based on the Disney Parks Vinylmation collectibles, little mouse-eared vinyl figurines that can be customized. Our heroes in Blank are a guy and a girl figurine who, unlike everyone else, haven’t received the artist’s touch. They’re blank, save for bow and bow tie, and they meet, and it’s awesome, and they they get separated, and it’s sad. Thus starts the journey to reunite, and it’s guaranteed to give you butterflies.


In addition to watching the movie, which is exclusive to Google Play, you can share frames from the film with customized Valentine’s Day greetings. Doing so will unlock another Google exclusive movie, called Cranes in Love. Blank will also get Valentine’s Day screenings at the El Capitan in Hollywood and at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando.

Anyway, go watch it now. You’ll love it.


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