It’s a Camera, It’s a Mouse, It’s a Camera Mouse!


I have to give the makers of the Camera Mouse credit. They actually took what would normally be a gimmick and made a convincing argument for its usefulness. So, check out the Camera Mouse, new ally to office workers everywhere.

As the name implies, this is a computer mouse with a (2 MP) camera on the underside. It’s useful in a couple ways. If you’re at the computer, the mouse is pretty much the most convenient place for a camera – it’s not just always on hand, it’s usually in hand. So, if you need to do some quick QR code scanning, there you go. If you’re in an office and need to snap some quick photos of a document or two, even better. The mouse is wired and uses a USB connection, so the photos can be instantly uploaded to your computer. There’s even some basic photo editing software packaged in for good measure.


The Camera Mouse is selling for $60, plus $12 for shipping, from Japan Trend Shop.

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