Clawz Shoes Takes a Swipe at Crocs


Don’t say there aren’t any dreamers left in this world. No, we still have people reaching for the stars – people who look at Crocs, and say yes, yes we can make these uglier. We can break that barrier.

Clawz Shoes are Crocs, let’s not talk around that issue. They’re the same rubberish clogs, the same affront to any sense of fashion, the same long-standing escalator hazard. In fact, they might have stepped up the escalator hazard factor, now that I look at them. Anyway, these are probably more worthy of both the Crocs and Clawz name, thanks to the beast claws sprouting from the front, so you can take savage swipes at the fashion police whenever they find you.


They do have more obvious arch support, though, so there’s that. Clawz Shoes are on the prowl in all sizes, and have some appropriately wild designs, as you can see below. The possibilities of the beast claws in the realm of horrible shoe aesthetics has not been lost.

So, it looks like Crocs finally have a big competitor to reckon with, and I think we can all take something away from the fact that its taken this long for a serious Crocs competitor to emerge.


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