Cable Management Just Got Creepy with Scalers


In-line microphones don’t have a monopoly on your headphone cable space anymore. Appropriately, the new competition are seasoned invaders – horror movie villains of the upper echelon.

Scalers are tiny, 2” mini figurines with hands the grab onto your headphone cables. Unfortunately, that means it looks like they’re ascending up to your neck, and this is a group of characters you probably don’t want to see in that area. The first wave of figurines will include Jason, the Predator, the Xenomorph, Freddy Krueger, Gizmo, and Gollum, so that’s a pretty solid rogues’ gallery. Don’t be surprised if they inch up the cable when you’re not looking.

Scalers are available for $5 on ToyWiz, and will ship sometime this month. As wave 1 implies, there will be many more Scalers headed your way in the near future. Maybe less bloodthirsty ones.

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