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David Datuna Creates First Google Glass Art Installation


At the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery this weekend, there will be a huge new art installation resembling the flag of the United States, just for Presidents’ Day weekend. But, this is no static exhibit – viewers will be participating, too, and they’ll be doing so using Google Glass.

Portrait of America, by artist David Datuna, is a United States flag covered up by hundreds of eyeglass lenses – you can start to get an idea of why Datuna’s artistic series is called ‘Viewpoint of Billions.’ Behind those lenses are images of people and events that shaped the nation, from Founding Fathers to Mother Monster.

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That’s just one part of the installation. The second part is you – you wearing Google Glass, ideally. You don’t need to don Google’s new eyewear if you don’t want to, but it does complete the piece. Using Glass, you can see more digital images and information related to Portrait of America by looking at those images in the artwork through Glass. After that, you’ll have your picture taken with Glass on, which, along with others, will be worked into another collage on Datuna’s website – a look at the modern United States and the faces shaping it today, perhaps.

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