Dolby Vision Will Make 4K TV Even Better

Flowerfield-Standard left-New Dolby Imaging Tech right
Professional grade 4K display vs 4k Display with Dolby Vision technology

When you think Dolby, you probably think about audio technology, but it looks like you might want to revise that. Dolby is making headway into the 4k content arena with Dolby Vision, an imaging technology that will affect how content is both created and viewed.

Specifically, Dolby Vision will provide enhanced brightness, colors, and contrast for images, increasing the fidelity of 4k content. It’ll also improve over-the-top online streaming, broadcasting, and gaming. The difference is that, while TV and cinema color-grading standards today are a little outdated, Dolby Vision is designed around the potential of 4k content. We experienced a hands on with a prototype display running Dolby Vision technology, and were blown away by the brightness of its colors, its strong contrasts, and how true to life elements like sun light show up on it – in comparison to even today’s best displays.

Dolby is already working with Hollywood producers, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox Video, Netflix, and Vudu to get Dolby Vision technology into new shows and movies being filmed now. So, sooner or later, seeing Dolby pop up in the theater is going to come with blaring colors, not just blaring sound. That said, they do not have any plans to enter the television business on their own and to build their own TVs.

But will Dolby’s venture into visual technology be as successful as their audio business? That remains to be seen.

Wings over water Standard left - New Dolby Imaging Tech right

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