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6 Ways to Dress Geeky in Snowmageddon

The Polar Vortex has come and gone, but this winter still has plenty of life (or anti-life) left in it. Snows are still falling, sometimes in places where they shouldn’t be, and it’s anyone’s guess when they’re going to let up. The take-home message is that you still have time to buy winter gear, and have a legitimate excuse for doing so. That’s awesome, because say what you will about winter, but it is hands down the best shopping season.

Even better, it turns out there are tons of ways to stay warm with a geeky twist. And no, we’re not just talking about smartphone-friendly gloves, although yeah, we’re definitely going to touch on that. No, there’s all sorts of surprises this winter, and you still have time to throw some money at them before the sun actually starts providing warmth again.



Doctor Who TARDIS Laplander Hat

Essential. There’s Doctor Who merchandise for all seasons and occasions, and your wintry offering is this laplander hat. The only regrettable thing is that the white ball on top doesn’t light up. I suspect the biggest benefit is that it can hold an infinite amount of hair.



Hello Kitty USB Handwarmers

You know, not all of us can afford to use the heater. For those cutting down on bills and stuck in frozen houses, frostbite can be staved off in the most adorable way possible – with Hello Kitty. And no, your cold heart isn’t the only thing she’ll warm. These USB-powered handwarmers heat up, and each pad has its own temperature control, although if one of your hands gets significantly colder than the other, you should probably look into that.



Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves

As promised, the smartphone gloves. These are old hat by now, so it takes an impressive pair to get noticed. Indeed, that’s what we have here – a pair of stylish touchscreen gloves. For some reason, most touchscreen gloves seem content to be as generic as possible in every other way. Not so with these leather crochet touchscreen gloves, designed just for women and putting style first. They’re high-quality, look amazing, and, of course, you don’t have to take them off to use your phone.



Bar none, the worst part about winter is wet shoes and/or socks. It’s even worse when all of your shoes are wet, and you have to take a blow dryer to a pair just to be able to go outside. So, Drywarmer hits the sweet spot this winter – electric warmers that fit into most shoes, drying them from the inside out. The horrors of damp feet will subside. Now, go change your socks before you catch a cold.


Tensai Bakabon Honkan-san USB Eye Warmer

We have warmers for everything else – why not eyes? This eye warmer from Japan Trend Shop is based on police officer character from Tensai Bakabon, an anime and manga series popular in Japan. It looks like you are wearing a huge pair of eyes. That’s not important. What is important is that they are USB powered, will keep your face warm, and have eye holes, so warmth doesn’t come at the expense of vision.



Doctor Who Fourth Doctor Arm Warmers

So it begins, and so it ends. We bookend this list with Doctor Who swag, this time taking our TARDIS laplander hat and going back in time to the era of the Fourth Doctor. These arm warmers are patterned off the scarf worn by Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor. For fans of the classic series, this is a winter must. In fact, they look good enough to get you to wear short sleeves in the winter just to show them off, and that’s saying something.



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