It’s Not Too Late to Buy Her an Edible Chocolate iPhone Case

Ok, well actually it is probably too late. But that hasn’t stopped this company from announcing that they now are offering the world’s finest Chocolate iPhone Case. This case is made from solid, dark chocolate and promises to be, well – delicious of course! Grove, a designer of handcrafted wooden tech accessories has teamed up with local chocolatier, Charley Wheelock of Woodblock Chocolate, to produce edible chocolate cases for the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c. The cases are precision-milled from the solid blocks of dark chocolate and have been designed to still allow access to all of the iPhone’s connectors and ports. They even promise that the cases are sleek and thin with a velvety, smooth touch.

Apparently this has actually been a 6 month long project in the works, since it took some extra experimenting to produce a chocolate that would be optimized for the Grove’s machines and their CNC milling processes.

“This was a great opportunity for us to team up with another locally owned business and combine our crafts to create something even Wonka would be envious of,” says Grove co-founder Ken Tomita. “They’re not for sale, mainly because we can’t keep making them without gunking up our machines, but don’t worry, all the manufacturing waste is being recycled in our bellies.”

But unfortunately it seems that these companies have managed to keep this treat all to themselves – so after all of that, the chocolate iPhone case is NOT actually available for sale! Lame! You should be sharing the love guys!