The Exosuit Takes Diving to New Depths


It looks like something out of Bioshock, and who knows, maybe when we create our own ill-fated underwater community, these suits will be in abundance. This is the latest in diving technology, and it’s going to take people deeper than ever before.

The Exosuit, as it’s called, can take divers down to as much as 1,000 feet below sea level. Usually, going to those kind of depths would require the use of a submarine or some other sort of vessel – not so with the Exosuit, which is hardy enough to withstand all that deep-sea pressure by itself. The suit is made of metal, but when you’re suited up, you’ll still be more action figure than figurine – the joints allow for enough agility and dexterity to take undersea samples and use underwater cameras.


The Exosuit, which weighs in at 530 pounds (so, yeah, maybe no land movement) and stands 6.5′ tall, will be on display at the American Museum of Natural History near Central Park from today until March 5, before returning to the briny depths.

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