Eye Tribe Makes Jedi Mind Control Available for Your Android Device


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Forget gesture and voice control – pretty soon, you’ll be gliding around on your smartphone with just your eyeballs. That’s how The Eye Tribe sees things, anyway, and they’re looking to put it into practice with their new Android SDK.

The Eye Tribe has already made their eye tracking technology compatible with Windows PCs, Macs, and tablets, but this year’s Mobile World Congress is the first time they’re announcing smartphone compatibility. The technology will be able to track your eyes to allow on-screen navigation and other features – that includes retinal log-in, new kinds of gaming controls, and navigation of apps and browsers solely by eye movements and blinking. And, yeah, they aren’t keeping it a secret – the technology opens up new ways to collect data about how you use your phone. I’m sure you can guess how that will be used.

The Eye Tribe sells a $99 eye tracker and SDK for Windows and Mac, so with their new Android SDK, all of the bases are covered. Stay tuned to see how third parties start working The Eye Tribe’s technology into their apps in the near future.