Facebook Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary


Today’s a big day for the Internet. You might have been tipped off by the proliferation of retrospective videos popping up from Facebook friends, but today marks 10 years of Facebook, which has grown from “It’s not MySpace!” to a massive, publicly traded company so powerful that the government goes to them for intelligence. No snark there – that’s just a pretty incredible 10 year trajectory, regardless of your feelings on the matter.

To ring in the occasion, Mark Zuckerberg himself gave an exclusive interview to Savannah Guthrie of the Today Show. And, if the interview shows anything, it’s that 10 years has made Zuckerberg a master at deftly dodging the less-comfortable questions. That includes his feelings about Edward Snowden, opting not to react to the man himself, but repeating the company line of asking the government for more transparency (something that has happened to a very limited extent). Zuckerberg also veered away from one about Facebook becoming less popular with teens, although he makes a good point that teens are more than likely just using more sources of social media, rather than abandoning Facebook altogether. And, he dodged one question that pretty much everyone has to dodge at some point in their lives – when are the kids coming?

Zuckerberg talked more about his personal reaction to Facebook’s success, and how incredible it’s been to be at the helm of something that has become so influential. It’s a pretty good point – it’s hard to imagine how it feels to develop something used by over a billion people worldwide. I don’t know that there are very many more companies that can make that claim. But, Zuckerberg’s not the biggest fan of fame – given the choice, he would have probably remained incognito.

Back to that retrospective video – on Facebook today, you can check out a video (kind of like those end-of-year Facebook Timeline retrospectives you get in December) looking back at your biggest Facebook moments ever since you came on board. As for the next 10 years, when asked if he thought Facebook would be around still, Zuckerberg simply replied, “I hope so.”

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