Fiverr Now Accepting Bitcoins as Payment for Gigs, Sellers Still Paid in U.S. Dollars

Bitcoin Fiverr
Photo Credit: Bit-Square

Fiverr, the website that offers $5 services from all walks of life, is getting even easier to use. Instead of using cash or credit to pay for that Welshman who sings Happy Birthday while wearing a Speedo gig – Bitcoins will now be accepted as an alternative payment method. Just place your order, and select the Bitcoin payment option and the transaction will be processed through Coinbase. Coinbase is a well known Bitcoin digital wallet service for both merchants and consumers, that conducts Bitcoin transactions. They have a tremendous amount of experience dealing with large volumes of Bitcoin currency, so Fiverr transactions should be a pittance to them.

Sellers will receive money in U.S. Dollars, so there is no need to worry if you fear your $5 gig will net you currency that you can’t pay your rent with. That said, there is currently no option to withdraw Bitcoin as revenue. In any case, it will be interesting to see how accepting payment via Bitcoin will take off, especially since the Fiverr community are typically early adopters of technology, and this is just another unique way for the oddball services site to gain even more attention and separate themselves from the pack.

One thing is for sure, Bitcoin is slowly but surely gaining more and more momentum, let’s just hope that all of those servers out there can continue to squeeze out coins as demand grows.

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