Restaurant Promises Free Appetizers if Flappy Bird Comes Back


That’s what Houlihan’s, the restaurant is offering for free, for everyone if the eminently replaceable Flappy Bird reappears on the app store circuit by March 10. In an attempt to get the app back into availability and I guess to advertise their stuffed ‘shrooms, Houlihan’s is offering free Jumbo Stuffed ‘Shrooms for the first 50 tables at each of their restaurants nationwide on March 24 if their demands are met. It seems like many are just not content on letting  this mediocre thing die.

Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, told Forbes he took his game down because he was concerned about how addictive it had become. Well, apparently Houlihan’s management needs to check in to rehab, because they’re not dealing with withdrawals very well.

If Flappy Bird isn’t back by March 10, no one gets anything, Flappy Bird or shrooms. So, there you go, Dong Nguyen. If people have to go without an appetizer on March 24 and stay hungry until dinner arrives, that trauma is on your hands, I guess. There’s also a petition here, with a rousing 26 signature so far.


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