Terminator Has Nothing on the Hello Kitty Robot

Well, this is just a model version of Hello Kitty as a robot, but it’s really a matter of time before they create a working one, and that’s when the era of Hello Kitty Skynet will be upon us. Look into those glowing eyes, and know that resistance is futile.

Just so you know what you’re in for when the real robots come, this Hello Kitty Robot Model has flippers for swimming, wings for flying, and a rocket punch, so you’d better be frozen by adoration, or you’re going to be in trouble. Also, it looks like we’ve got a whole mecha thing going on, because the model includes a tiny, non-robotic Hello Kitty that pilots the robot. I have no doubt that the manga and anime adaptations are in the works.

The model stands about 4” tall, and you can move her arms and legs, although there’s no actual robot power to speak of (yet). You can get the Hello Kitty Robot Model off Japan Trend Shop now for $80, but it’s not scheduled to ship until June.


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