Use Your Fingerprint to Unlock an Android Smartphone

iceWho needs Touch ID? Thanks to a new Android app, you can unlock your smartphone with a touch of your finger for free.

ICE Unlock is a brand new Android app that uses your phone’s front-facing camera to scan a high-resolution image of your fingerprint. From there, you can use your fingerprint as verification to unlock your phone, functionally the same as Touch ID. And, for emergencies, you’ll need to have a backup pin ready, so you won’t ever find yourself locked out of your phone completely.

ICE claims to be a true biometric scanner for Android. Rather than touching your fingerprint to the screen, you’ll be unlocking your phone using the front facing camera again, which will match your fingerprint map with the template they have stored (which you provide initially). Your fingerprints are stored locally, not on central servers, for a little added privacy reassurance.

ICE Unlock is available now for free on Google Play.


  1. Doesn’t work with Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.3 JB so DOES NOT WORK WITH ANDROID. FORGET IT. And I’ve read it’s so slow and buggy as to be useless.

  2. I tried it for 2 days but used the pin number more often than not. Interesting concept though but I decided to uninstall.

  3. Sorry you guys are having issues.
    The Galaxy Nexus has an issue that won’t let the camera focus at close enough range for ICE Unlock to work. Sadly, this is a hardware problem, and we don’t think our app will be supported on Galaxy Nexus unless they change the camera on future models.
    The entire line of HTC phones is currently not supported, however, we are working with engineers at HTC to remedy this.We expect to support HTC devices very soon.
    ICE Unlock will work with Android versions 4.0 to current. If you are running 4.1.2 or older, you need to make sure you have selected a lock screen setting other than “None.” If you are still having problems, please email iceunlocksupport@diamondfortress.com. (This fact is listed in the Play Store description, but we may want to highlight it a little more than it is now.)
    Thanks all for your constructive criticism. We are constantly working to improve ICE Unlock, and we think it is much more stable and faster than the version we released on our launch.

    Diamond Fortress Technologies.