Megaupload Saga Continues as Kim Dotcom Files New Appeals to Fight Extradition

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The Megaupload saga continues. What began with a questionably legal January 2012 raid on founder Kim Dotcom’s New Zealand mansion is continuing through today, when Dotcom has said he will appeal to the New Zealand supreme court after a lower New Zealand court threw out a previous ruling that declared the original warrants were invalid.

Hope you followed all that – again, it’s a saga. Dotcom’s mansion was raided, with over a hundred electronic items like laptops and storage devices were taken away. Clones of those devices were created and sent to the United States, which is where this all began – the United States wants Dotcom and a few others to stand trial for copyright violation and racketeering, over accusations that Megaupload was used as a base for pirating just about anything that exists in a file format. Incidentally, those cloned devices were brought back to the U.S. illegally, as the proper New Zealand representative hadn’t signed off on that.

The warrants in question were declared invalid in 2012, because they were not specific enough about what was to be taken or what crimes Dotcom had actually committed. The recent ruling says that the warrants, while flawed, were used to the same effect that proper warrants would have been used. So, the fight is on again, and Dotcom is taking it all the way to the top – the New Zealand supreme court.

Should Dotcom lose this appeal, he could be extradited to that United States, which has been positively slavering at the chance to prosecute him. Meanwhile, Mega, Dotcom’s newest creation, is still up and running, as basically a Dropbox with greater privacy controls and encryption options.

Via The Guardian

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