Surprise! Asia Has the Most Mobile Malware According to Intel


McAfee is out to make digital security a lot easier and more accessible, with a couple new announcements at Mobile World Congress. Here’s the big one – a fully-featured suite of security software will be available for iOS and Android, completely free.

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McAfee Mobile Security has been out for a while and has garnered its share of praise, but it has never been free until now. The greatest of all price cuts comes courtesy of a partnership with Intel, which is trying to advocate for heightened security on all mobile devices – makes sense, seeing as how people are toting around more and more sensitive files on them now.

The Intel partnership goes a little deeper, though – from now on, McAfee Mobile Security will have security extensions specifically for Intel-powered devices, under the aegis of Intel Device Protection Technology.

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McAfee Mobile Security nails down the essentials for protecting your phone. That includes anti-theft features, the most interesting of which is CaptureCam, which will automatically use the phone’s front-facing camera to snap a picture and upload it if someone tries and repeatedly fails to unlock your phone. There’s also anti-virus software, app and web protection, and call and SMS filtering. You can back files up, or store them in secure, encrypted vaults, too. And, there’s Wi-Fi protection, which will alert you if you’re trying to connect to a suspicious publicly available Wi-Fi network.

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McAfee has also made deals with Verizon and LG, so you can probably expect to see McAfee Mobile Security pre-installed on the relevant devices in the near future.

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