Nerf Tek Strike Gun Uses the iPhone For Wireless Targeting

nerfstrikeAugmented reality is definitely going to be the big trend in toys this year, if this year’s American International Toy Fair is any indication (and it is). But, augmented reality isn’t the cheap gimmick it used to be – there are some serious(ly fun) advances being made that are making AR legitimately interesting.

One of the best examples is Nerf Tek Strike. It’s a standard Nerf gun, but moved way forward into the future. There’s a large shield attachment which serves as a kind of heads-up display in real life. Kids will be able to look through the shield to see where their darts are hitting. A phone holder in the upper right can be used to run the Tek Strike app, which makes play with others or mini-games possible using augmented reality. There will also be life bars and a score screen on the display – pretty much bringing the world of video games into the world of real-life, physical play. The app will be available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

So, get ready for Nerf: Halo Edition – multiplayer Bluetooth battles, fragging, and yelling at other kids for being noobs is clearly only a few months away.

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