Phrazcase is a Moving LED Billboard for Your iPhone 5s


Well, we’ve seen cases move into the realm of high tech before, but they still tend to remain pretty static. The Phrazcase is all about changing it up, with a screen of LED lights that you can use to display your own short phrases or designs.

The Phrazcase has a few buttons that you can use to pick one of 20 emoticons or seven phrases pre-programmed on the case. All the controls are on the case itself, too – there’s no Bluetooth connection to your phone, so it’s a pretty simple, straightforward affair. The emoticons include smileys and other designs like hearts, stars, and the must-have thumbs up and thumbs down signs.

The cases themselves are soft and made of silicone, so they’re good for shock absorption – although you might want to avoid dropping your phone, for the sake of the LEDs. The Phrazcase will be made for the iPad Mini, 5th generation iPod Touch, and the iPhone 5/5S – not the iPhone 5C. No word yet when the case will be hitting store shelves….but we imagine places like Hot Topic or Urban Outfitters would be quick to get their paws on these.