How to Run Windows 8 Metro Apps on the Desktop

store-app-running-in-windowA common complaint about Windows 8 is that the modern, tiled UI and the new Metro-style apps aren’t well-suited to desktop computing, because they run full-screen. The solution was simple – just don’t use them, and stick to desktop mode. But! You know, some of those Windows 8 apps are actually pretty useful. Wouldn’t it be nice to run them in separate windows on the desktop, like they were regular desktop applications?

Multiple Monitors, a program from Actual, was developed specifically for people who use more than one monitor with their desktop computer. Most of the tools in their software are tied to that, but there’s one new feature that everyone can take advantage of. Using Multiple Monitors, anyone can now run Windows 8 apps in resizable windows, which can be minimized and dragged around at will.

If you’re interested, Actual has their software available for download, and has provided a tutorial on how to run Windows 8 apps in resizable windows. It’s pretty short and simple, so if you like any Windows 8 apps, but don’t like the modern UI aspect of Windows 8, it won’t hurt to give it a try.


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