Samsung Gear Fit Just Killed the Fitness Tracker [Video]

We’re starting to feel bad for the smaller fitness tracking companies this year. It’s clearly the year when the major players enter the ring, and it’s equally clear that they’re bringing a lot of money and refinement to the table. For a good example, look no further than the Samsung Gear Fit, the third of Samsung’s smartwatches shown off at Mobile World Congress, and possibly the best looking one of the bunch.

What immediately sets the Gear Fit apart is its display – instead of black and white, you’re getting a curved 1.84” AMOLED display in full color. So, it already looks nicer, but the functionality is there, too. It tracks steps taken, distance traveled, and your heart rate, while also supplying you with notifications straight from your smartphone – if that’s all you need from your smartwatch, you might want to just ditch the other Gear watches and go with this much sleeker wristband. If you’re going to grab some shut-eye, you can leave this one on, too – it can track sleep stats. All of the data collected will then be pushed to your (Samsung) phone’s S Health app, which records those fitness stats as well as manual entry stuff like workout routines and diet information.

(video credit: GearDiary.com)

The basic wristband on the Gear Fit is black, but you can take it off and replace it with other colors, including orange and grey. You can expect Gear Fit to launch alongside the Samsung Galaxy S5 in April.

First Impressions

The Samsung Gear Fit seems to be the perfect marriage between fitness tracker and smart watch. Unlike most fitness trackers with their dull displays, its AMOLED display is bright and colorful, and very responsive to touch. The user interface is also very intuitive and easy to navigate without any instruction. But we were especially relieved to see that unlike most other smart watches on the market, such as the first generation Galaxy Gear, the Gear Fit is able to conform pretty well to a woman’s generally more petite wrist.

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  1. I dunno, but that looks like one heck of a big honker to be wearing to bed for sleep tracking. I favor the Fitbit One clipped to my tee. Don’t know it’s there and working during day or night. Can’t stand stuff on my wrists unless it’s a nice understated diamond bracelet. When they make a tracker that looks like that, I’m all in.

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