Samsung Pimps Out the Oscars Greenroom with 86 Different Devices


For the fifth year in a row, Samsung is providing the hardware that makes the Greenroom at the Oscars shine. This year, Samsung is coming with 10 televisions, 21 tablets, and 55 smartphones – 86 devices, for 86 years of the Academy Awards.

The devices, which include the Smart TV, Galaxy Note Pro, Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note 3, will all be arranged to form a 17.5 foot x 8.5 foot wall in the greenroom – an awful lot of screen to look at. The images on those screens will alternate between images from 86 different movies from the rich history of film. Using software made custom for the event, all of the screens are synced together, so occasionally one large image will appear using all of the screens.

Samsung has something else in the Greenroom, too, and it’s maybe the most amusing set of three words ever stitched together. The Samsung Twitter Mirror (what a world) will be there, where presenters can take selfies with a Galaxy Note Pro. Those images, as you may be shocked to discover, will be tweeted out during the show using the handle @TheAcademy and the hashtag #ArchDigestGreenroom.

If you want to catch a glimpse, the 86th Academy Awards are going down this Sunday at 8:30 PM Eastern on ABC. Crucially, red carpet coverage begins at 7:00 Eastern.

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