SNAPS E-cigarettes Sport Magnetic Design and Rechargeable Case

ecigOh SNAPS, we’ve got another take on the e-cigarette. SNAPS, from ePuffer, is a brand new kind of e-cigarette with a two-piece magnetic design – so, how does that work?

The two pieces are the battery and the atomized cartridge. They connect magnetically, which is also what activates the e-cigarette. That’s pretty convenient, especially when it’s time to reach for another cartridge – all you need to do is pull the old one off and click the new one into place. They also look pretty cool – a must for any cigarette – and the battery pack can be charged pretty much everywhere, including wall plugs, car outlets, PCs, laptops, and tablets. If you’re out of luck for electricity, SNAPS can also be purchased with an E-pack charging case, which provides an extra five hours of battery life and doubles as a flashlight.

The Magnum Rev-3 design of SNAPS is available now from ePuffer. You can get a starter kit for $60, or spring for the starter kit that includes the E-pack charging case, which costs $80. The former comes with two battery packs and five flavor cartridges, while the latter comes with two battery packs and three flavor cartridges.

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