Watch the Stella Artois Chalice Make Beautiful Noise


The Stella Artois glass – you probably have one in your kitchen, from when you stole it from a bar that one time. Don’t deny it. Well, guess what? You don’t just have a stolen glass in your possession, you have a bona fide musical instrument.

Stella Artois, a sonic inventor from MIT by the name of Andy Cavatorta, and Cold War Kids walked into a bar (they probably did, at some point), and it was no joke. The trio developed and made beautiful music out of the venerable Stella Artois chalice. They made four musical instruments, which came together in a symphony of sorts that laid the groundwork for the Cold War Kids’ new single, ‘A Million Eyes.’

The Hive is sort of like a piano, with hammers that hit chalices that have been shaved down to varying thicknesses, creating a wide range of sounds. Then, there’s the Violina and two other instruments that are just fascinating. There’s the pyrophone, and yes, that means fire is involved. Torches ignite inside the chalices, and sound travels up carefully cut glass tubes, in a structure that resembles a pipe organ. Then, there’s the Star Harp, a harp that plays itself. A perpetual motion harp. It’s beautiful.


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