Super Bowl Sunday Survival Apps

The closest thing to a national holiday without quite getting there is finally here this Sunday. It’s time for the Super Bowl, as the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will face off before sending us all into the long, cold sports winter known as the NFL offseason.

While Seattle and Denver face off, you’ll face a different sort of battle – the one to throw a monster party. And, like all things in the 21st century, the Super Bowl party has been hyped up so relentlessly and visibly (I blame the Internet) that expectations have shot through the roof. Remember the good old days when you could just toss out a plate of layered nachos and a cooler of beer and be good? Yeah, well, those days are like the XFL – history.

You won’t face these trials alone. From getting the food right to keeping everyone involved entertained, here are tons of apps that will help your Super Bowl party go off without a hitch. Just don’t make it too good, you don’t want to be tabbed as host for next year, too. Those of you who will be bar hopping or had the arsenal of cash to actually get tickets, we’ve also got apps for you. No matter how you’re going to experience the Super Bowl this year, we have all the apps you need.



Host the Party

We have a few apps that will help you keep everyone properly fed and watered this Sunday. The Bing Food & Drink app will give you all the ideas you need, while Party Food app is for those taking the entirely respectable pizza delivery route – enter how many people are attending, and the app will tell you how much in the way of pizza and drinks you’ll need. And, because you’re bound to have at least few Broncos or Seahawks fans that will in no way expect to get through this game sober, 111 Cocktails will sort out the drink mixing for you.




The Super Bowl, as we all know, is hardly limited to just the game itself. You can follow all the news that comes out before, during, and after the game with Microsoft’s Sports app, on Windows 8.1 or Windows Phone. Yeah, that’s also good for Sochi, too, but no one cares about that right now. We care about one game, and it just so happens that Microsoft has actually found a bunch of perfect apps for you to use on Sunday, with their Big Game collection. Crucially, the Domino’s app is included.



Keep Everyone Entertained

Alright, despite all the talk about the commercials, a good many football fans don’t care about ads, and never will, no matter how you dress them up. But, you can’t skip commercials when it comes to live TV, so here are some games to get you and your fellow party-goers through all the downtime (and you know there’s going to be so, so much downtime). My Trivia Sports is a must, especially if you’re at a bar, while you can make like Adam Vinatieri with Football Kick Flick – a perfect mindless timewaster. Touchdown Run is maybe no Temple Run, but it’ll get you through the commercials, while NFL Connect is perfect for playing mini-games related to the one Big Game we’re all here for.




Want to be a better football fan? Understand the game better. Coach’s Eye allows you to take video of sporting events and get down to analyzing it, with all the tools and yellow markers that the guys in the booth always get to play with. Or, you could literally get into the game by getting in shape, with the help of fitness app Adidas miCoach.



Super Bowl XLVIII Commemorative App

An annual classic, the official NFL Super Bowl Commemorative App is a treasure for both before and after the Super Bowl. Before, you can look back at Super Bowl history and see how the Broncos and Seahawks got to this point here in 2013-2014. After the game, you can check out Super Bowl highlights, photos, and post-game interviews, which are hopefully every bit as good as the ones after the NFC Championship game (we should all be so lucky).



Super Ads

Earlier, we pointed out that many football fans do not care one bit for commercials, even if they are Super Bowl commercials. Now would be a good time to mention that, on the other hand, a lot of football fans most certainly do. For them, there’s Super Ads, which has all of the ads from the last seven years, as well as some of the very best throughout the decades. You can reminisce about the classics before enjoying the brand new 2014 ads this Sunday.




A truly fantastic idea for an app. Yes, it would be nice to know where the nearest public restroom is, if you’re on a pub crawl or out on the town after the game is over. But no, SitOrSquat goes one step further. It’s like the Yelp for bathrooms, with reviews and ratings so you can see not just where the nearest bathroom is, but whether or not it’s any sort of bathroom you would dare go within 30 feet of.



New Jersey Transit

If you do happen to find yourself in East Rutherford this Sunday, you’d better figure out where you’re going. Yeah, it’s going to be pretty obvious how to get to the Super Bowl, but getting back is another matter. New Jersey Transit has a free app with timetables and schedules, so you can make it back to your hotel after the game – you’re going to have to make it back to the hotel eventually.



Jersey Bar Scene

But, before you make it back to the hotel, you’re going to need to party, because there aren’t too many party occasions quite like the Super Bowl. Jersey Bar Scene is a free iOS app that will point out all the local bars, clubs, and restaurants in New Jersey. You’ll even see available drink specials and promotions, and can get discounts on drinks and cover charges from some venues just by downloading the app.




Instagram, an essential Super Bowl app? Sure, why not? There are plenty of players, coaches, and analysts posting all kinds of stuff on Instagram, as well as media outlets gearing up for the big game. Here’s a short list, but there’s surely more you can find.

Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos (@denverbroncos)
WR Eric Decker (@edeck87)
OLB Von Miller (@millerlite40)
WR Wes Welker (@weswelker_83)

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Seahawks (@seahawks)
QB Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson)
CB Richard Sherman (@rsherman25)
Head Coach Pete Carroll (@petecarroll)

Media/Brand Outlets

Fox Sports (FOXsports)
Michael Strahan (@michaelstrahan)
ESPN (@espn)
SportsCenter (@sportscenter)
MetLife Stadium (@mlstadium)

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