Swatch’s Sweet Valentine Watch Arrives Just in Time

SUOZ168_sb020_nvsSwatch is no stranger to flashy or seasonal watches, so their Sweet Valentine watch fits in nicely. It’s a candy-striped heartfelt ticket to a solid Valentine’s Day this year.

The watch is done up with red and white stripes, in a similarly decorated box that looks like one of those candied mints you grab three at a time as you walk out of Applebee’s. And, because this is Valentine’s Day, there’s a big heart right in the center of the watch face, with curved lines that make it look like that heart is just swelling with love for timepieces. The watch itself is a new skin on the New Gent line from Swatch.


This lovely watch is going for $80 off Swatch’s online store. Granted, if you’re still looking for a Valentine’s Day gift now, you’re probably up a creek. But, if you’ve already got your Valentine’s Day gifts sorted out, it never hurts to surprise your significant other with a follow-up.

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