Tamagotchi is Back as Tamagotchi Friends

Tamagotchi Friends

A couple years after making a mini-comeback for their 15th anniversary, Tamagotchi is launching a brand new series of games modeled on the old ’90s style digital pet games. Tamagotchi Friends looks to be the same old poop-scooping, pet-feeding, tragic death-filled romp you’re used to, with a view modern conveniences thrown in.

Tamagotchi Friends is still the same basic greyscale (with color menus!) pet game – your Tamagotchi hatches from an egg, and it’s up to you to feed it, take care of it, clean up after it, and play games with it. This time, however, it’s not a 24/7 affair/rudimentary child simulator. You can pause Tamagotchi at any time, so kids can hit the pause button and not be disrupted during class, which is going to be a concern for probably not that many kids. But hey, teachers will appreciate the gesture!

Tamagotchi Friends

The ‘Friends’ part got added on for a reason. Now, you’ll be able to pair up two Tamagotchis by bumping two devices together, sort of like an NFC tap. After fiddling with some menus and selecting a host, one Tamagotchi will jump over into their new friend’s world, and hang out there for a little while. The two Tamagotchis can eat together or play games before the visitor jumps back into their own device.

Tamagotchi Friends will be launching this year for $20.