A Tale of Two Felines at Toy Fair 2014


Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub took over Toy Fair this year. The social media darlings were all the rage at the big toy show, from posters plastered along the sides of booths, to signs hanging from the rafters of the Javits Center – the cats have come out to play this year. So why all the fuss over two freaking cats? Well, for starters, both Ganz and Gund are showcasing their newest addition to their ever growing line of plush dolls – and their newest star is Grumpy Cat.


Ganz and Gund will both be bringing to market two brand new Grumpy Cat dolls, yet each are completely different. Gund is more known for their lifelike and authentic portrayals of animals and have taken the more traditional route by manufacturing a life-like, realistic Grumpy Cat that you can take home for yourself. In fact, one of the representatives at Gund told us that their Grumpy is the same measurements of the real cat. So for anyone who has had designs on kidnapping the Tardar Sauce, you can now have your own true to life version.

The real Grumpy Cat makes her debut at the Ganz booth at Toy Fair

Ganz on the other hand will be marketing a much more animated version of Grumpy. This cartoony style will probably resonate more with those that love the Grumpy Cat Memes. The more cartoony Grumpy Cat will be featured as dolls, t-shirts and non-traditional looking stuffed animals.

But while Ganz and Gund seem to have cornered the market on everything Grumpy Cat, let’s not forget Lil Bub; the cat with permanent happy face – or what we like to call the anti-Grumpy Cat. Cuddle Barn will be bestowing Lil Bub smiles across the world with a plush doll that sports Lil Bub’s likeness. The Cuddle Barn version of Lil Bub is also trying to stay true to its subject, hanging tongue and all.

In the end, two very different cats, for two very different audiences, collided at Toy Fair and lived to tell the tail…errr tale. Both cats walked away unscathed in their battle to be top feline, but you never know, some other deformed cat looking for its next 15 minutes of fame may be the hot new feline next year.

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