Update Makes Windows 8.1 More Usable for Non-Touchscreen Users – FINALLY!

Microsoft took some time during their Mobile World Congress presentation to tease us a little about what we can expect next from Windows 8.1. As it turns out, we can expect a lot, and we won’t need to wait long – a fresh update is coming this spring, and it’s going to be a lot more friendly to people who still do most of their computing with the good old keyboard and mouse combo.

No specifics yet, but Microsoft has promised that the new update will make the UI much more keyboard-and-mouse friendly, without sacrificing any of the touch features. Of course, desktop mode is already about as keyboard-and-mouse friendly as it gets, so they’re definitely talking about the modern UI and the apps therein. Microsoft has said that their new UI updates will do a better job of bridging those two (which sometimes do seem like two separate operating systems in one machine), making for a more unified experience.

Microsoft is also tweaking their software to make it cheaper to produce Windows 8.1 devices, which should translate into lower prices across the board for laptops, tablets, and hybrids. There will also be a whole slew of new features and updates with enterprise customers in mind, including improved compatibility for IE8 within Internet Explorer 11.

Granted, that’s all pretty light on details, but it’s safe to say we’ll know more soon – either when Microsoft spills more info, or when the upgrade goes live in a few months.



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  1. Actually, I bought a HP WIndows 8 desktop last week. To be honest, switching between the desktop and metro was not a big deal. What bothered me the most was that my setup includes two 19″ monitors, but in metro it only displays in one monitor at a time. If Microsoft could fix that, I could use the metro interface all the time without worrying about sliding through the tiles.

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