Watch How Many People it Takes To Deliver Valentine’s Day Flowers

Flowers. Chocolates. Jewelry. Warehouses in Miami. Conveyor belts. All classic symbols of Valentine’s Day, right? No, not those last two? Well, maybe they should be.

Here’s a helpful video from Fusion showing how, exactly, the preponderance of Valentine’s Day bouquets make it to doorsteps. The romantic magic starts in Ecuador and Colombia, where 95 million flowers are shipped via UPS to Miami. Then, it’s true love on the assembly line – the flowers go through customs, quality control, and packaging in a heavily standardized procedure that really characterizes the state of Valentine’s Day in the 21st century.

So, if you’re giving or getting one or more of those 95 million flowers, don’t forget to take a look at Cupid’s workshop (who more reasonably opts for the beaches of Miami over the frozen wastes of the North Pole), and all his assistants working to get you those lovely arrangements.

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