Forget Roses, Geeks Will Want the Vintage Love DODOcase for iPad Air

VintageLove_iPad_frontback_1_1024x1024 Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and what better gift to get your significant other than the gift of protection?

We’re talking about iPad cases, of course. DODOcase has gone with an old-fashioned look for their set of Valentine’s Day cases, available for the older models of iPad and the newer iPad Air and iPad Mini. The Vintage Love case has a Victorian look to it, so if your sweetheart happens to be a Dickens fan, there you go. If nothing else, they look lovely, are red, and have a heart on them. That checks three pretty important Valentine’s Day boxes.

The DODOcase Vintage Love cases are $90 across the board, with a personalization option for another $10. Why so expensive? Probably because of the posh red fabric, gold foil on the design, and bamboo tray that hold the tablet in place. This case is a labor of love, and love doesn’t come cheap.