Big Xbox One Update Coming Soon – Includes Battery Indicator for Your Controller

home_2_4_2014The nice thing about current-gen consoles is that they aren’t static – what you get at purchase might end up significantly improved by the time the new generation comes around. Your next taste of the evolution of the Xbox One will come on February 11, when a few new features will be headed your way in the form of a big update.

Microsoft is still keeping some details about the update a secret, but what we do know is that there will be a few nice functionality tweaks to enjoy. Once the update goes live, you’ll be able to check the storage space of your hard drive and manage it. You’ll also be able to tweak your install queue, if you have multiple downloads going at once. A battery indicator for your controller will now appear on the home screen, and there will be support for USB keyboards.

So far, it’s mostly belated stuff that arguably should have been there in the first place, but there’s always the chance that we’ll see a few surprises before or on February 11. No specifics yet, but in general, Microsoft is saying you can also expect Kinect improvements for voice commands and new tools for developers.

But, if that doesn’t satisfy you, maybe the March 4 update will suit you better. That update will be tailor-made for Titanfall, the upcoming game from some of the original creators of the Call of Duty series. That update will include unspecified improvements to the the party and multiplayer systems – makes sense, seeing as how Titanfall is slated to be an online-only game.


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