Water from Air? Air X Revolutionizes the Water Cooler

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Untapped Water Systems‘ Air-X is, at heart, part of the multi-purpose wave of technology that we’ve seen over the past couple of decades. It manages to combine a dehumidifier with a water cooler to give you safe, clean drinking water drawn right from the air.

Air-X, like any dehumidifier, is pulling water vapor from the air. The difference is that Air-X collects all that water vapor, cools it until it condenses into liquid water, then filters and treats it until it’s safe to drink. Unfortunately, that means that places with very low humidity (Arizona was specifically mentioned) won’t find much use for Air-X. But, if you live in a place with brutally high humidity, you’ll love Air-X – it turns that nasty humid environment into safe drinking water, while cutting down on the humidity in your surrounding area by reducing the amount of water vapor.

If you’re looking for hard numbers on how effective Air-X is, here you go – the device generates 20 liters of water per day in 80 degree Fahrenheit weather with 60 percent humidity. That’s a ton of water that would otherwise be making you feel really, really uncomfortable.

Air-X is going to be ideal not just for people living in humid environments, but specifically for places where tap water might not be safe to drink. It’s a big initial investment – pricing is expected to fall between $1,600 and $1,800 – but once you buy it, you shouldn’t need to worry about paying for water. It’s also good for electricity costs, since it uses less power than the average water cooler. You also get the benefit of Air-X taking toxic particles out of the environment and destroying them in the purification process – it’s an expensive buy-in, but there’s an awful lot of good that will be coming out of this machine.

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