The Android Smartwatch that Doesn’t Run Android – Confused Yet?

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Smartwatches made for Android phones that don’t actually run Android are nothing new – look no further than the Galaxy Gear line, which runs on the Tizen OS. But, when you actually call your device the Android Smartwatch, that’s when things get a little confusing.

OKO ‘s second smartwatch, the Android Smartwatch, should be hitting retailers sometime this year. Funny enough, despite the name (according to a representative from the company, they have actually owned the Android name since 1991), not only does the watch not run Android – it runs a proprietary OS – it doesn’t even exclusively work with Android devices. iOS users can also use the watch, although the functionality will in some ways be limited – iOS users won’t be able to view text messages on the watch, for example.

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The watch itself has a 1.54” 240 x 240 TFT LCD screen, which you can use to communicate with your phone, controlling music and accessing call logs. Android users can check text messages, and there will be vibrations when notifications get pushed from your smartphone to your watch. Besides the basics, one cool thing about the Android Smartwatch is that, thanks to a built-in microphone and a dial pad, you’ll be able to make and receive calls just using the watch itself.

There are few other standard extras shoved in, like a chronograph, calendar, pedometer, calculator, and a voice-memo recording app. The watch has a four-day battery life in sleep mode, so it might run out of juice on any given day depending on how much you use it – talk time is being estimated at just under two hours. Either way, you can charge the Android Smartwatch easily enough over a Micro USB connection.

OKO is still looking for retail partners for the Android Smartwatch. When it does become available, you can expect it to sell for around $200 or so and be available in six colors.

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