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Dominique Ansel Talks Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shots at SXSW

the room next door. Zach Theatre

The boldest innovator at the tech nouveau paradise that is SXSW might not be in the technology game at all. Dominique Ansel, creator of the now legendary cronut, has bested himself with the chocolate chip cookie milk shot.

The new creation – a chocolate chip cookie molded into the form of a shot glass, with a chocolate lining and filled with fresh milk – was created by Ansel just for SXSW. So, those at Austin, for now, will be the only ones to enjoy the milk and cookies of the future.

Fortunately for New Yorkers, what happens in SXSW doesn’t stay in SXSW. In a matter of weeks, Ansel will have the chocolate chip cookie milk shot as a regular menu item at his bakery in New York. Considering the quality of the craftsmanship, that’s going to definitely make a push for being the most popular shot in the city.

We talked with Ansel at SXSW about the shot, his partnership with SXSW Allison+Partners, and the structural integrity of the cookie shot glass. You can check out the interview below, then go check out what else Ansel has in his bakery, so you can properly prepare yourself for the sweetness overload you’ll experience when you step through those doors.




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