Apple’s CarPlay Provides Some Uniformity to Car Infotainment Systems


If you’re an iPhone user, good news – your car infotainment system is finally going to be inculcated with the Apple way. CarPlay is coming soon, and it’s going to offer up a brand new UI that will be available on virtually every major car company’s infotainment systems.

CarPlay is a new way to access your iPhone while in the car, using either the dash display or voice control. It revolves around iOS, so you’ll have easy access to Siri, Apple Maps, Music, and any email, text, or social media messages you might get while in the car. Touch control using the dash is there, but most of the features, appropriately, use either voice control or predictive technology. You can communicate with Siri using a button on the steering wheel and voice commands, which opens up pretty much anything you’d want to access on your phone while driving – directions, messages, and the like. Messages will be read aloud to you, so you can keep your eyes on the road. Music or audiobooks can be selected using the dash, but again, it’ll be a lot safer (and very much possible) to do that using Siri.

You can get driving directions using Siri as well, but Apple has also added in some predictive technology to help you out. Maps will try to predict your destination based on previous trips and contextual information, like time of day. Once you depart, you’ll get real-time routing, weather, and traffic updates, as well.


On your iOS device, CarPlay will be an update to iOS 7, which will be available for all Lightning-era devices. As for the cars themselves, you’ll start to see CarPlay in some cars hitting the road as early as this year.


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