Bass Egg Turns Any Surface into an Amplified Subwoofer

Don’t want to put down cash for a huge speaker system that might clash with the decor? No problem – just grab a Bass Egg. With this tiny device, you’ll find that you already have tons of speakers inside your home to begin with – anything with a flat surface.

The Bass Egg is a small wireless device that streams music over a Bluetooth connection. Thing is, by itself, the Bass Egg doesn’t do too well producing sound. What it does do well is produce vibrations. Put the Bass Egg down on a flat surface, and those vibrations will interact with the surface to produce audio. Put it on your table, and suddenly, your entire table becomes a speaker.

That means you can experiment with the Bass Egg. Different surfaces will produce a wide range of sounds, so you can hop around trying to figure out whether your coffee table or refrigerator shelf makes for a better speaker. It’ll be good fun, but you’ll also get good audio if you just use it with a hard, smooth wooden surface – something that will reliably spread those good vibrations throughout the room.

The Bass Egg isn’t available just yet, but you can sign up for email updates on their site.



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  1. Bass Egg not available yet… Actually, for the same effect you can generally put any speaker on a table (face down) and create the same result. You get better fidelity with an external speaker in a normal position.

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