Listen to the Beat of Your Unborn Baby with Bellabeat

bellabeatA tracker for all things. This is the way of the world, and so it is now with pregnancy. Bellabeat is a new tracker that pregnant moms can put over their wombs, getting baby vitals and giving them brand new Facebook posting material.

Bellabeat connects to smartphones through the headphone jack. A pregnant mom-to-be can then put the device over her womb, which will give a readout of the baby’s heart rate, which, of course, can be shared online. The companion app also has a section for organizing and tracking prenatal care, and can calculate significant dates in pregnancy, like expected due date. The device and app combo can also give the baby a (very) early head start into a world awash in fitness trackers – it’ll tally up the number of kicks once baby starts getting restless in the womb.

Bellabeat itself costs $129. The app is available for free for iOS and Android, but it’s currently just in beta for the latter.